Bizarre Love Triangle (by Frente) Bizarre Love Triangle (by Frente)詭異三角戀Every time I think of you 每回只要一想起你I get a shot right through into a bolt 房屋買賣of blue*我便立刻身陷濃烈憂鬱It's no problem of mine 雖然不算什麼問題But it's a problem I find 卻也不容忽視迴避Living the life that I can't leave 術後面膜behind 這種生活無奈偏偏掙脫無計There's no sense in telling me 不必搬出什麼道理The wisdom of a fool won't set you free*試圖宣導戀愛有如入獄 But 膠原蛋白that's the way that it gose 繁繁複複點點滴滴And it's what nobody knows 不為人知這場心悸And every day my confusion grows 紊亂思緒隨著日子不斷加劇Every 室內設計time I see you falling 每回見你乏力繼續I get down on my knees and pray 我必跪下誠心禱告求祈I'm waiting for the final moment 關鍵時刻頻頻屏息You say the 永慶房屋words that I can't say 期待你說出我說不出口的秘密I feel fine and I feel good 我不痛苦我無所謂I feel like I never should 這種心情似乎不對Whenever I get 九份民宿this way 每當自己這般曖昧I just don't know what to say 只能無言尷尬狼狽Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday 為何你我無法做回自己不再虛偽﹖裝潢I'm not sure what this could mean 不知這是何種意味I don't think you're what you seem 不覺你在坦誠相對 I do admit myself 但我必須承認一點That if I 好房網hurt someone else 若是另尋他人肆虐Then I'll never see just what we're meant to be 我倆紅線之迷將永無破曉的機會嘻嘻  這首歌在上週看超2聽到ㄉ 酒店兼職好好聽 !!! 旋律.歌聲.歌詞.意境 一切都好棒 ˙ˇ˙ 

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